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Just what the world needed - InvadersApplet

Grønn linje

You need a browser that supports Java to play the InvadersApplet.
If your browser is Java compatible you probably have to turn it on in your browser's preferences.

Grønn linje


  • Arrow up or space - Fire
  • Arrow down or M - Fire a missile
  • P - Pause on/off
  • S - Start the game
  • Left arrow - Move spaceship to the left
  • Right arrow - Move spaceship to the right
  • Escape - End the game currently playing


  • If the attacking spaceships comes all the way down to your spaceship you lose two lifes
  • Bonus lifes every 10000 points
  • When the ufo passes - try to hit it, when you do you gain 1000 points and a new missile
  • 500 points for completing each level
  • The attacking spaceships may have one more bullet on the screen for each level, the game also moves faster
  • You may have 6 bullets on the screen at any time (and only one missile)

The world really needed another Space Invaders Applet :-)

Anyway, I've gained some practice making this applet and I hope some of you enjoy playing it !

When I tested (e.g. played a lot) the applet, I must admit getting over 45000 points (with the limits to bullets on screen and number of lives that is there in this "final" version). Anyone better ?

I've done my very best to try to write this applet so it should be compatible with every Java capable browser on the market, but if it doesn't work with your setup I'll be happy to receive a "bug report" with the error message and explanation. My e-mail address is: sondre@webmagi.no. Other comments and suggestions are also welcome at that address.

19©98 (and all that stuff :-) Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk

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