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Grønn linje

You need a browser that supports Java to play the Snake game.
If your browser is Java compatible you probably have to turn it on in your browser's preferences.

Grønn linje


  • P - Pause on/off
  • S - Start the game
  • Arrow keys - Move snake
  • Space - Skip level
  • Escape - End the game currently playing


Not that much to say, I guess you've played it before (on a cell phone or an antique computer) -- otherwise you wouldn't be here.

There is one neat little feature, however: The highscore is stored to a server so if you're really good at losy games, this is the right place for fame (but no fortune, sorry 'bout that ;-)

I've done my very best to try to write this applet so it should be compatible with most Java capable browser on the market, but if it doesn't work with your setup I'll be happy to receive a "bug report" with the error message and explanation. My e-mail address is: sondre@webmagi.no. Other comments and suggestions are also welcome at that address.

20©00 (and all that stuff :-) Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk

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