TypeIt 1.2 - a typewriter Applet

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If your browser supported Java, you would have seen the TypeIt Applet right here.


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Version 1.2

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06.01.1999 Due to various requests: Rewritten to the java 1.0 event model and tested with Netscape 3.0, so that it should be more compatible with older browsers. Please note that there still is a Java 1.1 enhanced version available.

Version 1.02

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31.10.98 User definable fontface and style added by request from John Thomas, Texas US. Thanx to John for sending me this suggestion, and for feedback when I tried to choose a parameter layout to let the user specify this.

Other suggestions and feedback is welcome.


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Below is the source code for the use of this applet on this page, as shown above.

"Sourcecode" in HTML for the use of the applet on this page:

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<applet CODE="TypeIt.class" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=200>
If your browser supported Java, you would have seen the TypeIt Applet right here.

<param name=AUTHOR   value="Sondre Skaug Bjoernebekk, sondre@webmagi.no">
<param name=TXT      value="This is text from the HTML-code|if you click the Applet area,|you'll be taken to Yahoo!......#">
<param name=TXTCOLOR value="0000ff">
<param name=BGCOLOR  value="ffffff">
<param name=TXTHIGHCOLOR value="ff0000">
<param name=SIZE     value="16">
<param name=PAUSE    value="150">
<param name=ENDPAUSE value="1000">
<param name=LINKTO   value="http://www.yahoo.com/">
<param name=FONTFACE	value="Courier">
<param name=STYLE 	value="BOLD">


Comments to the various parameters:

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Parameter Name Comment
AUTHOR Always "Sondre Skaug Bjoernebekk, sondre@webmagi.no"
TXT The text to display, please note:"|" equals carriage return and you end the text with "#" .
TXTCOLOR The color of the text, in the "RRGGBB" format where RRGGBB is the hexadecimal color-code for the text-color (red, green and blue components). In the example, the TXTCOLOR is set to "0000ff". It looks quite blue too, don't you think ?
BGCOLOR The Color of the Applets background. Tip: Consider setting this to the same color as the HTML document's BGCOLOR.
TXTHIGHCOLOR The Color of the text when the mouse pointer if moved inside the Applet area. Set this to the same as TXTCOLOR if you don't want it to change.
SIZE Fontsize in points
PAUSE Delay between each letter, in milliseconds
ENDPAUSE Delay between each loop of displaying the text, in milliseconds
LINKTO The page to link to when the Applet area is clicked, use absolute reference.
FONTFACE The fontface to use, legal values are "TimesRoman", "Courier" and "Helvetica". Non-casesensitive. Default is Courier.
STYLE The style of the fontface, legal values are "BOLD", "PLAIN" and "ITALIC". Non-casesensitive. Default is PLAIN. Note that if you set illegal values for FONTFACE or STYLE, the applet will display Courier/BOLD. If you set one of the parameters correct however (and doesn't set the other at all), this value will be used and the default value for the other.

Download TypeIt.class from ftp.webmagi.no

19©98 (and all that stuff...) Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk

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